Pink Moscato


The Piedmont region of northwestern Italy is surrounded on three sides by the Alps and is the second largest of Italy’s 20 regions. It is a region rich in fine wines, gastronomy, cosmopolitan cities and beautiful countryside. The majority of the area’s winemaking take places in the provinces of Cuneo, Asti and Alessandria. BELPOSTO Pink Moscato comes from these rolling hills of this unique area that has an ideal climate for the cultivation of the Moscato grapes.

Harvest and vinifications notes

After a soft pressing, the grapes undergo a soaking for 12-15 hours to absorb the right color and extract aroma from the skins. This gives the wine the unique characterists that make this wine so delicious. Dry, light, and fruity, it is a classic, elegant wine.

Tasting notes

BELPOSTO Pink Moscato is a refreshing frizzante wine (slightly sparkling), crisp with full fruit and delicious acidity. It has striking notes of strawberry and cherry, and a vibrant pink hue with light purple highlights

Finished wine

Varietal content: Moscato and red wine grapes
Region: Piedmont
Alcohol level: 5.5% by volume
Content: 750 ml / 12 units in a case

Perfect pairings

Pairs nicely with soft cheeses, italian pizza, sea food, spicy foods, chicken gumbo and fruit desserts