Pinot Grigio

D.O.C. delle Venezie

The Veneto region, lying at the foothills of the Alps, is dotted with charming towns and lined with picturesque vineyards. To the northeast of this region, the vines that yield our premium BELPOSTO Prosecco and Pinot Grigio grapes are carefully cultivated by expert hands. This is a territory known for the production of high quality grapes which grow in the sunny countryside along with beautiful historical cities and landscapes.

Harvest and vinifications notes

Grapes for our wine come from the Veneto region of Italy, where the Pinot Grigio grape has been cultivated for more than a century. The juice is fermented for three weeks in temperature-controlled tanks. After settling, the wine is cold stabilized, filtered, and bottled under sterilized conditions, avoiding malolactic fermentation and preserving the fruit characteristics of the wine. The wine is aged two months on light lees to preserve freshness.

Tasting notes

A dry wine of great character and versatility. It is characterized by a clean, intense aroma and a pleasant golden apple finish. It is wonderfully fresh and well-balanced on the palate with a long finish.

Finished wine

Varietal content: 100% Pinot Grigio
Region: Veneto
Appellation: D.O.C.
Alcohol level: 12% by volume
Content: 750 ml / 12 units in a case

Perfect pairings

A delicious accompaniment to fish, seasonal pasta dishes, or chicken.

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